Sustainability Management

Approach to ID&E Sustainability and the Promotion System

The Management Philosophy of the ID&E Group is "Act with integrity and contribute to society through technology and engineering." We believe that our approach to sustainability is manifest in it. Based on the Management Philosophy, the sustainability of our Group comes from developing business strategies to pursue opportunities in the risk related to environmental and social issues and proposing solutions for environmental and social issues through promoting business activities.

Under the ID&E Group Code of Conduct based on international standards including ISO 26000 and the United Nations Global Compact, each and every one of our employees faces environmental and social issues with a high level of awareness looking toward the development of a sustainable society and aims to contribute on a global scale through the utilization of our five business domains.

ID&E Group Code of Conduct

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ID&E Group Code of Conduct (543KB)

Sustainability Basic Policy

The Management Philosophy of the ID&E Group is "Act with integrity and contribute to society through technology and engineering." Based on this management philosophy, the ID&E Group promotes sustainability management in order to establish trust with stakeholders and contribute to the development of a sustainable society under fair and transparent corporate management based on values shared within the Group.
Sustainability encompasses multiple perspectives, and we promote the following activities from the viewpoint of contributing to create social value through our business, in addition to the viewpoint of responding to the impact on society and social needs in the promotion of our corporate business.


Contribute to society through business activities We will proactively promote commercialization of efforts to solve social issues and contribute to the development of a sustainable society through business activities to support optimal infrastructure development according to the needs of the times.
Environment Environmental consideration We will strive to create a richer social environment that harmonizes the natural environment and the living environment by emphasizing climate change response, transition to a resource-recycling society and the need for biodiversity.
Social Respect for human rights Through the supply chain, we recognize diversity, respond to human rights risks related to race, nationality, gender, ideology, beliefs and social status, etc., and strive not to assist human rights violations.
Human resource development We will develop human resources who have expertise to meet customer needs and can globally play an active role, and will maintain fair and impartial employment relationships so that employees can play an active role.
Improvement of working environment We will support not only the safety of employees but also proactive health promotion, and will strive to develop an environment that is worth working in where they can actually feel comfort and richness.
Governance Strengthening governance We will comply with the policies for corporate governance and ensure transparency of management through complete communication with stakeholders to increase the degree of reliability.
Sincere business execution We will comply with corporate ethics including laws and ordinances and social norms and carry out fair transactions with all the business partners by respecting mutual positions.

Sustainability Promotion System

The Group has established the Sustainability Promotion Council, chaired by the President, and the Sustainability Promotion Office, which serves as its secretariat and coordinates the promotion of sustainability management across the Group, in Holdings, with the aim of further strengthening efforts to realise a sustainable society. The Sustainability Promotion Council, which is based on the Sustainability Promotion Committee established at Nippon Koei in September 2021, will be responsible for considering important sustainability issues and targets across the Group and clarifying the necessary implementation strategies, etc.
It is responsible for formulating business policies and approving and deciding on activities relating to sustainability risks and opportunities for the Group as a whole, and the activities of this committee are reported to the Board of Directors and the Executive Board as appropriate. Specific business operations that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are also considered by this meeting.

Signatory of the UN Global Compact

ID&E announced its support for the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) in June 2019. We are also a member of the Global Compact Network Japan, which is comprised of Japanese companies that have signed the UNGC. ID&E Holdings will carry on this UNGC signature and promote support for UNGC throughout the Group.
Many of the projects in which we are involved, such as infrastructure construction, energy development, and environmental conservation in developing countries, will greatly contribute to the realization of the Ten Principles of the Global Compact. We will promote management in accordance with these principles and contribute to the creation of a sustainable society through our business.

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