Stakeholder Engagement

Basic Approach and Policies for Stakeholder Engagement

We emphasize dialogue with a diverse range of communities and stakeholders, including customers, shareholders/investors, suppliers, employees, national and local governments, industry groups, local communities, and academic/research organizations. In addition to understanding the expectations and demands for Nippon Koei at present and in the future, we strive to identify social issues that we should address and implement corporate activities that lead to solutions. We also actively develop partnerships and networks among stakeholders as we engage in business activities in Japan and other countries around the world.

Results of Activities for FYE June 2020


Stakeholders Key Issues Main Points of Contact Method of Communication
Customers Create good products and services, respond to complaints, provide appropriate product and service information Each business headquarters and operations
  • Operating activities
  • Website
Shareholders/investors Disclose appropriate information in a timely manner, earn appropriate assessments and support from capital markets, reflect shareholder and investor perspectives in corporate management Corporate Communication Office
Legal & Compliance Department
  • Results announcement meetings (twice annually)
  • General Meeting of Shareholders (annual)
  • Individual meetings and telephone conversations (about 100 annually)
  • IR materials
    (integrated reports, shareholder newsletters, shareholder surveys, etc.)
Suppliers Conduct fair business relationships, smoothly share information to create closer partnerships Each business headquarters and operations
  • Procurement activities
Employees Keep all employees active, treat employees appropriately, strengthen the occupational health and safety management system Human Resources Department
Center for Accounting & General Affairs
Business Strategy Headquarters
Each business headquarters and operations
  • Intranet
  • Internal newsletters
  • Group training sessions
  • Manager and staff dialogue meetings
    (at each business site with president and director in charge of personnel administration)
  • Employee e-learning (40 times annually)
National and local governments/industry groups Comply with all laws and regulations in Japan and all countries Each business headquarters and operations
  • Participation in business and industry associations
Local communities Fulfill responsibilities as a corporate citizen, participate in local communities Each business headquarters and operations
Center for Accounting & General Affairs
  • Contributions to local communities through business activities
  • Participation in volunteer activities
Academic groups/research institutes Assist academic groups and research institutes in technology innovation, participate in industry/government-academia collaboration projects Business Strategy Headquarters
Each business headquarters and operations
  • Open innovation (joint research)
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