Responding to Climate Change

Approach to Climate Change

ID&E promotes the modal shift from automobiles to railroads and ships, supports conversion to renewable energy, supports the efficient use of energy, and provides consulting services for greenhouse gas reduction from the perspectives of various business fields, such as controlling greenhouse gas emissions by improving waste treatment technology and supporting the CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) business.
In the Energy Business, we recognize the importance of both “reducing the environmental impact of our own operations” during the equipment manufacturing process and the construction of substations and power plants, and “reducing the environmental impact of our customers’ use of our Group products,” promoting initiatives on both sides.
In the area of research and development, we have set "develop businesses responding to climate change" as one of the main technology measures that we are implementing across the entire company, and are for working on the development of related cutting-edge technology and new businesses. The Company also works to share and disseminate its technology and expertise widely, such as through the operation of NK-ClimVault, a portal site that allows users to obtain free future climate forecast information on rainfall and temperature in major cities.
In September 2023, ID&E Holdings declared its endorsement of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and is promoting further disclosure based on TCFD recommendations.
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Initiatives for Reducing Environmental Impact In-house

At our head office building located in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, we have incorporated an energy management system developed in-house and an energy-saving system that uses geothermal heat, based on the knowledge gained from our core businesses.
Fukushima Works, located in Sukagawa City, Fukushima which has a manufacturing department, is working on reducing power consumption by installing solar power generation and introducing storage batteries, reusing packaging materials, and recycling waste plastic and waste wood.


Support and Participation in the “Challenge Zero”

ID&E supports the “Challenge Zero” Declaration, which acts as a cooperative initiative to combat climate change between the Keidanren and Japanese government.
Challenge Zero actively communicates and advocates further innovative action by companies and associations worldwide to realize the decarbonized society positioned as a long-term goal in the Paris Agreement, an international framework of climate change countermeasures.

Portal site NK-ClimVault

We have developed correction technology for climate change prediction and have launched the portal site NK-ClimVault, which allows users to obtain future climate prediction information on rainfall and temperature in major cities free of charge. As a tool that anyone can use to obtain highly accurate basic climate information, it can be used for climate change adaptation business and research in various fields.

CO2 Emissions,Energy Consumption

CO2 emissions are decreasing due to the promotion of energy-saving activities at offices and factories and the use of solar power generation at factories.
In addition to curbing energy consumption, we are working to supply 100% renewable electricity from the hydroelectric power plants that we operate to three of our company locations (Head Office, R&D Center, and a manufacturing site).

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