There are various social problems in the world and the development of technology is bringing great changes to the world. Given these uncertainties, we recognize that our perceptions of the need to create a sustainable society are being questioned, so based on this social situation we formulated materialities. The business plans of each business are formulated by the materialities in order to solve the social issues.

7 materialities (priority items)

Specify materiality

We integrated and rearranged 7 priority items based on ‘high importance in the group’ , which included 4 priority items that contribute to group materiality through business activities and 3 priority items that are the basis of management activities.

Materiality identification process

Comment on materiality identification from an expert

In order to verify the appropriateness of our list of materialities from an external perspective, we conduct interviews with experts and identify materialities based on the opinions we receive.

Kensuke Fukushi
Vice Director, Institute for Future
Initiatives Professor, Institute for Future Initiatives University of Tokyo

I believe that identifying a list of materialities is very important in order for companies to work on the SDGs and to promote partnerships. Specifically speaking, I see the consulting industry as a field where consolidation with other industries is a particular strength, and appreciate the fact that Nippon Koei has a business strategy based on their materialities and is committed to promoting co-creation.
I believe that the civil engineering world has been dominated by the construction and maintenance of existing infrastructure facilities. However, now that the public side is facing a decrease in manpower, the private side is required to make proposals for regional development and the development of society that will be fitting for our new society. I expect Nippon Koei to make proposals based on its wealth of experience and regional networks around the world as well as to further explore, for example, the definition of a “society where people can live with peace of mind” as well as what Nippon Koei considers to be “peace of mind” and “live,” and make proposals for the society of the future.

Materiality (priority items) of Nippon Koei Group & Key relevant SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)


Materiality Key relevant SDGs Examples of initiatives for each materiality
Business Activities 1 Infrastructure development to protect safe and secure living
Development of infrastructure to protect safe living
  • Develop high-quality infrastructure in a wide range of areas.
  • Provide services for preventing/mitigating disasters in terms of both hardware (tangible elements such as facilities and equipment) and software (intangible elements such as human resources and technology).
2 Development of smart city
Development of infrastructure where all people can freely interact and play an active role
  • Realize a mobility society by putting in place transportation sites, including airports and railways, and networks.
  • Develop electric power infrastructure in overseas regions lacking power sources.
3 Creation of attractive cities
Creation of attractive cities where a diversity of people and industries are concentrated
  • Develop a smart city by promoting working together among Consulting, Urban & Spatial Development and Energy.
4 Challenge to decarbonization
Conservation of the global environment by achieving a decarbonized society
  • Provide consulting services to counter climate change.
  • Expand the renewable energy business in Japan and abroad.
Management Activities 5 Strengthening corporate governance
  • Review institutional design.
  • Reinforce compliance activities.
6 A rewarding work environment where human rights are respected
  • Further promote well-being management.
7 Development of human resources and technology
  • Develop human resources for manifesting the NKG brand through the NKG Global Academy.
  • Create new added value by utilizing DX.
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