Business Areas

Today, we are transforming countries and communities worldwide.

The ID&E Group provides domestic and international engineering consultation, power engineering and other services in a wide range of fields, including water, energy, transportation, disaster prevention and environmental management. Our goal is to improve the social infrastructure that is the foundation for people's daily lives.

Consulting Business

We provide comprehensive construction consulting services for the development and maintenance of social infrastructures in Japan and overseas. With highly reliable technologies based on our diverse experience and research and development, we are involved in many projects that support the foundations of people's lives, including the development and maintenance of social infrastructure, regional development, and reconstruction assistance in disaster-stricken areas.

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  • River & Water Resources
  • Sustainable Regional Development
  • Water Environment
  • Road
  • Port & Airport
  • Transportation Policy & Planning
  • Railway
  • Geohazard Management
  • Defense Infrastructure Development
  • Global Environment
  • Social System
  • Geoenvironment
  • Center for Satellite Intelligence Service

Urban & Spatial Development Business

In the urban space field, where various social issues and needs have emerged in recent years both domestically and internationally, we will contribute to the creation of sustainable cities and regions by utilizing our accumulated technologies and experience in the fields of civil engineering and architecture to comprehensively produce urban spaces.

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  • Community Development
  • Urban Revitalization
  • Urban Development
  • Landscape
  • Architecture
  • Roads and Structures
  • Water Engineering
  • Water Supply & Sewerage
  • Environment
  • Disaster Preparedness/Geology
  • Surveying
  • Compensation
  • Spatial Information

Energy Business

In response to recent domestic and international energy demand, the company conducts research, development, design, construction, management, operation, and support of power generation and energy management projects utilizing distributed energy resources such as renewable energy and energy storage systems, as well as system and technology development.

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  • Electricity storage
  • Renewable energy aggregations
  • Operation and maintenance of hydropower
  • Equipment and device manufacturing
  • Mechanical, electrical and information consulting
  • Power Infrastructure Construction
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