Integrated Reports


Integrated Report 2022

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  • History of the Nippon Koei Group
  • Business Areas of Nippon Koei Group
  • Transition to a Holding Company Structure
  • Nippon Koei Group Value Creation Process
  • Creating Value through Nippon Koei Group Capital and it's Utilization
  • Human Resources and Technologies that Support Our Business Model
  • Integrated Capabilities of the Nippon Koei Group
  • Long-Term Management Strategy
  • Medium-Term Management Plan
  • Financial Capital Strategy
  • At a glance
  • Sustainability Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Society
  • Corporate Goverrnance
  • A Discussion with Outside Directors
Review of Operations
  • Nippon Koei Group Business Segments
  • Cosulting Business
  • Urban & Spatial Development Business
  • Energy Business
Review of Operations
  • Board of Directors, Executive Officers and Audit & Supervisory Board Members
  • Consolidated Financial Data
  • Corporate Data
  • Organizational Structure
  • Network/Major Group Companies/History

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