Health Management

Health management initiatives

The Group has established the ID&E Group Health Declaration and declares its commitment to promoting health management.

ID&E Group Health Declaration

The ID&E Group believes that in order to put into practice our management philosophy of “Act with integrity and contribute to society through technology and engineering,” our staff and their families must be healthy, both physically and mentally.

By maintaining and promoting the health of staff and their families, and creating a vibrant work environment and highly productive work styles that respect diversity, we will realize a favorable work-life balance of staff as well as the well-being of the Group and contribute to the development of a sustainable society through our business.

Hiroaki Shinya
Director and Representative Executive President
Integrated Design & Engineering Holdings Co., Ltd.

Health management promotion system

Operational Flow of the Quality and Environmental Management System

Setting health issues

About Health Issues

In order to provide an environment where staff are physically and mentally healthy, respect diversity, and can maximize their abilities, we are working to prevent the seriousness of illnesses and to address mental health issues.

Health Management Strategy Map

Operational Flow of the Quality and Environmental Management System

Health Management Strategy Map

Setting Target Indicators

We will promote health management by setting three-year targets based on national averages and other benchmarks for each indicator.

Health Management Performance Data: Results of Implementation of Key Measures

Specific initiatives

Enhance the content of periodic medical examination and ensure that all staff receive medical examinations

Operational Flow of the Quality and Environmental Management System

Follow-up after medical examination

A system is in place to detect various health risks at an early stage through the results of medical examinations, and to promptly treat and remedy them.

Promotion of mental health care

Collaborative Health with NK Health Insurance association

Health Promotion Measures through Collaborative Health

Other measures to maintain and promote health

Various measures are implemented to maintain and promote the health of staff.

Before renovation
After renovation
Refresh Corner
Set up grip strength meters, body composition analyzers, and automatic blood pressure monitors

Evaluation and improvement

Other work-life balance achievements and targets are listed on the Sustainability Data Collection page.

Health promotion support for business partners

Standards to be observed and taken into consideration

Content recommended for implementation

Participation in external health policies

We actively participate in national health policies.

Exercise Promotion

Sport in Life Consortium

Health Promotion

Corporate Action for Cancer Control
Smart Life Project

Health Policy Implementation Status


Events and Online Seminars
October 2022 Seminar on Women's specific health issues "Breast Cancer." 348 views
April 2023 Company-wide walking event 347 participants
May 2023 Diet habit improvement seminar (1st session) 684 participants
Satisfaction rate 92.6%
May 2023 Diet habit improvement seminar (2nd session) 517 participants
Satisfaction rate 96.8%
July 2023 Mental Health Seminar "Learning about Self-Care and Depression"
co-produced with Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd
Satisfaction 77.1%
August 2023 Women Only "Women's Specific Health Issues in the Workplace" Viewed 699 times
Satisfaction rate 75.5%
September 2023 Seminar for leaders "Health support for working women". 462 views
Satisfaction 73.5%


Cancer Prevention Implementation rate 89.6%
How to use the Health Screening Appointment and Health Data Bank Implementation rate 87.0%
Healthy Eating Habits Implementation rate 83.9%


Changing Employee Attitudes
FYE 2023.6 I became more conscious about health than before. 80.4%
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